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  • Just a note to let you know that I received my new pistol and everything was satisfactory with the shipping.  I can’t wait to get to the Gun Range next Tuesday to shoot this beauty.  Last Saturday was my 80th Birthday so finding this gun made that special day even more enjoyable. I’m still a very active shooter at my age.  I shoot pistol matches every Tuesday, Cowboy Action Shooting monthly, and occasional Five Stand and Rifle events.  My gun purchase from your company was a pleasant experience and your pricing was very fair. Jim H. - July 2015
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  • You guys are top notch. Got a pistol that I didn’t think had been released, in two days and shipping was more than fair. Powell N. - March 2015
  • Thank you again for setting up my rifle on Thursday with such short notice. I am very pleased with the NF BEAST.  Sunday afternoon my first shot at 50 yards was on paper with little adjustment needed.  After zeroing in at 50 we moved out to 250 where I didn’t miss a single shot at the steel target.  Finally, we moved out to 500 yards.  My first shot was on target but three feet low, after a quick adjustment and a little holdover my next three shots were on steel allowing me to be qualified at 500.  I made the necessary elevation and windage adjustments sending the next six rounds exactly on the mark without any additional holdover on a smaller target.  My shooting buddy, who is a competitive shooter, was very impressed with the rifle’s capabilities and the scope.  I look forward to continued business with you. Eric V. - February 2015
  • Jose, I am the guy who brought you my Colt M4, with the U.S. Optics MR-10 scope, for you to install, field adjust and review....(You were awesome Sir)... Jon A. - July 2014
  • Thanks Jose. Received scope today from UPS. This is the second scope I purchased from you and I am always impressed with your customer service.  You are helpful and informative whether I am purchasing or just looking. I highly recommend you to anyone in the market for high quality optics. Thank you for your personal service and top quality products. John M. - December 2013
  • Howdy: I wanted to thank you for the service you provided me when I bought my Nightforce ATACR scope from you on Saturday. You mentioned I might hit paper after you bore sighted it. I shot it at Carters this afternoon. 1 at the 6 ring  3 at 8  8 at 9 and two bulls at 100 yds.  Paper indeed. Thank you for the excellent bore sighting! Brought it right in. Don't know what happened with the Six. lol Thanks again: Richard H. - June 2013
  • Hi Jose – Thanks for being so responsive on this.  In an age of gun shops and scope dealers seemingly all having graduated from arrogant jerk school, you're a welcome breath of fresh air.  I'll definitely be recommending you to friends.	Thanks again, Bill T. - May 2013
  • Jose, I just wanted to thank you for the way you handled this transaction. I found your website kind of on accident and I was a little leery to order from you as opposed to the big online retailers like SWFA, Optics Planet and Eurooptic. What sold me was the little clips from your customers thanking you for helping them with their needs. Please count me as one of them. Your service was both professional and personal; something that is lacking in most businesses today. Shipping was better than expected and the packaging was bulletproof.  The scope is a gorgeous piece of engineering and I know that I will have it for the rest of my life. Thank you for a wonderful job.  I will recommend you and your business to my colleagues who shoot as much or more than I do. Mike F. - January 2013
  • Jose, I thought you would like this picture of my first Elk. I shot her with the Tecomate 300 WSM / Swarovski Z5 scope I bought from you. I used a range finder to see that she was 300 yards away, and set the Turret on 300 yards. It worked perfect, if you zoom in on this picture you can see where the bullet hit her. Thanks a lot. John M. - October 2012
  • Took the Kimber to the range to sight-in and the rifle and scope combination performed great. Very accurate. Will get a chance to take it on a hunt in October. Your bore sighting was fantastic. Hit inside the 7-ring on the first shot at 100-yards. Mark M. - August 2012
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  • Ok, so bore sighting is easy but not when your scope rings are so out of whack that I am surprised that arms even let them leave their factory. This gentleman spent 45 min making my rings concentric so that they are touching 95 percent of the scope tube.....previously they were touching about 15 percent of the tube. The rifle still shot very accurate but failure would have definitely occurred at some point and we even determined that the vertical crosshair was slightly skewed. So, the best 50 bucks I ever spent. If you are in Houston and need a good scope guy the Scopesmith is def the place to go! I'm beyond impressed with his work!! Post by Steelshot11 in the SniperHide Forum - June 2012
  • Jose, I meant to get back with you last week and time just slipped away from me.  Some friends and I took the 30-30 out for target practice and it was spot on. Thank you so much for your work, it was perfect! Ken – April 2012
  • Jose thanks again for all you done for us. Tammy's Bushmaster Custom Shop .308 shoots lights out and my custom built Precision Barrel Works .300 win mag does as well OORAH again for S&B PMII u are a master at you're craft of mounting scopes, with spectacular customer service. Thanks again. Steve M. – January 2012
  • Love my optic, shot my antelope at 625 meters, one shot kill. Thanks again, Mark G. - September 2012


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